GI Hopkins & Associates have many talents including draftsman, cabinetmakers, tool and die makers, welders, foundry casters, automotive mechanics, graphic arts and job shop worker, internet marketing services, project management and more. GI Hopkins has produced 100+ television shows on emergency preparedness, the history of worldwide health alternatives, and over 50 commercial and informative websites. Capable of integrating security and risk management, coordinating structural upgrades and property repairs, handling concierge services, and executing internal administration we bring a variety of quality services to you. GI Hopkins has over ten years of high end residential property management and professional service industry experience as well as the ability to be highly effective while remaining discreet and professional.

  • GIH is currently maintenance & general management of services for multiple properties (8 properties, 1 commercial, 1 pre-school, 2 sound studios)

  • Was project manager for N. Systems: contractual estate management & capital improvements (6 properties 2 countries)

  • Our founder George Hopkins was former Supervisor: City of Cupertino: Medians, parks, schools, buildings & streets / union & non union

  • Director: Agricultural research center; Hydroponics, Mittlieder, French intensive, fertilizer/greenhouse manufacturing, sub-surface irrigation

  • Supervisor: (47 employees) Contractor equipment rentals, lumber yard, rockery & plant nursery

  • Water Conservation Award; Council for a Balanced Community

  • Spring Grove Waters: developed energized bio-balanced water

  • Operated small orchard and farm and commercial garden supply business. Studied conventional farming, biodynamic organic French intensive, Mittlieder, and Hydroponics. Manufactured various proprietary formulations of fertilizers for organic and hydroponic growing mediums. Manufactured custom high yield greenhouses.

  • Founder Shelter And Food For Everyone (SAFFE)

  • Research project - Stanford Golf Course bioremediation - naturally de-toxified soil ecosystems of hydrocarbons/pesticides and petrochemical fertilizers and nerve gases

  • Builder, Remodeler, Construction Inspector and Expert Witness in construction defect cases

  • Construction Equipment Rental yard; owner operator

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